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Honk Jnr at National Childrenís Theatre brings an old tale to†life

Posted on July 16, 2013 †by moirads

Hans Christian Andersonís tale is brought to life at the National Childrenís †Theatre in Parktown over the winter school holidays. This is a charming = production and I had a lot of fun, as did the children.

The show begins in early summer with Drake, the Daddy Duck, being proud of †his eggs and his wife, Ida, even though they are a little concerned about one †strange egg. The egg hatches and Ugly is born. No one except his mother loves him because he is different. He is nearly eaten by the Cat and he †escapes that †but gets lost on his way home.

It is a sad story, redeemed at the end, told out by a wonderful cast directed by Francois Theron. Honk Jnr music is by George Stiles while the book †and lyrics are by Anthony Drewe. The creative team includes music director Rowan Bakker, choreographer Shelley Adriaanzen, wet design Stan Knight, costume design Sarah Roberts and lighting design by Jane Gosnell.

Honk! Junior is a great reminder of all the things children should learn about accepting others for who they are and remembering that being different is ok. This wonderful play is on until 21 July 2013.