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Give a gift - make a difference!

Ticket sales and other earned income unfortunately do not cover the cost of underwriting NCTT's policy of accepting all children who want to be part of the theatre experience. At present we have 11 children who are attending workshops free of charge. Your donation of R350 will cover one child to attend Saturday Morning Workshops.

In return for sponsorship, we offer a unique marketing opportunity. We have a substantial existing audience base and can give the sponsor access to a captive, identifiable audience of young people and their families for the distribution of promotional material. Suitable publicity on posters and website is available.

Traditionally, theatre has been accessible only to the more privileged in society. We want to change this by taking Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist" to schools in Diepsloot, Alexander and Cosmo City. Why shouldn't these learners have the opportunity of expanding their horizons and learning about classical literature, while at the same time learning important life lessons?

As the schools we intend taking the production to are under-resourced, we are required to raise the R50.000 necessary to make this happen.

To make the fundraising process a little easier, we havepartnered with DIFFERENT.ORG, an innovative crowdfunding philanthropy website. The concept behind online crowdfunding, which is relatively new in South Africa, is that it gives beneficiaries more exposure to potential donors than traditional fundraising methods typically do. Another advantage of online crowdfunding is strength in numbers: many small make a huge difference.

Unlike other crowdfunding websites which retain a percentage of donations to cover administration costs, Different.orgcrowdfunding philanthropy websiteallows for 100% of the funds donated to go to the beneficiaries and non-profit organization. Feedback to donors is a priority, allowing them to see ho their donation have made an impact.

Through our partnership with, and your assistance to helpspread awareness about our crowdfunding initiative, we really hope to give learners in Diepsloot, Alexander and Cosmo City the opportunity to experience live theatre at its best.

Please visit our project page on to see how crowdfunding works.

We can assist if you would like an acknowledgement that can be filed with SARS as a Tax Deduction Donation.